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Work comes before wages

How much you are worth need not be seen in terms of how much you are paid. How much you are worth should be assessed in terms of what responsibilities are given to you. The privilege is not the money that you receive; the privilege is that you have been allowed to create something. Money is a means for our survival, yes, and to that extent it is necessary. However, you must always assess yourself in terms of whatever you are being asked to do. What is the level of responsibility that is being offered to you? What is the opportunity for you to create something truly worthwhile, both for yourself and for everybody around you? Any work that you do in the world is truly worthwhile for you only if you are able to touch people’s lives deeply.

For example, if you were to make a film, would you want to make a film nobody would want to watch? Or write a book that nobody would want to read? Or build a house that nobody would want to live in? You would not want to produce something nobody wants to use. So in some way, you are longing to touch people’s lives. If you closely observe your life, you will see that one thing of importance to you is that the activity you perform should touch people’s lives.

Many people are trying to divide their life into work and family — where work is something that you do just for money and family is something you do to touch people’s lives. But no matter how much money you earn, if you find your husband, wife or children are not at all touched by what you do, it would suddenly seem meaningless to have a family. Somewhere in your life, you want people to be touched by what you do. This aspect need not remain or restrict itself to family alone; it could extend itself into every area of life. Whatever you do should touch people’s lives — that is all that really matters.

How deeply you touch people’s lives depends on how involved you are in what you do. If your involvement is there, naturally the way you work will be very different, and according to your capabilities, you will be paid. Sometimes you will have to bargain a little or ask for a raise, perhaps your boss has forgotten that you need one. But generally, if people realize the value of what you are to that particular business or company, they will pay accordingly.

If you grow in what you are doing, some day, when it is necessary, you could shift from one position to the next, and your money could just multiply a 100 times over. For example, let us say you are heading a corporation and for whatever reason you are not paid much, but you have been given full responsibility to run the whole operation. If you are performing well and the whole world is watching, tomorrow anybody will be willing to grab you for any amount. So your value need not always be gauged in terms of money.

We have established corporations so that what we cannot do individually, we can achieve collectively. We could have all operated as individual entrepreneurs — that is how we operated historically, where everybody was a manufacturer and trader of some commodity. But when we are willing to put the will of thousands of people together in one direction — that is a corporation wanting to achieve something big.

Where are you are placed in this corporation of people looking to move in one direction? What is the level of responsibility and trust that has been placed in you? That is your real worth. How much you derive from it in terms of money is not everything. Yes, it is important but it is not everything. You must always gauge your worth in terms of the level of responsibility people are willing to give you, and whether what you are creating is truly worthwhile for yourself and for others.

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Balance Life is Beautiful Life

Living a balanced life involves more than just your choices of outward activities. Achieving a state of mental and emotional stability provides a steady foundation to support you through any kind of life situation. So how can you achieve this unshakable emotional and mental balance?

“Life is balance. Everything that you see as life, everything that you see as yourself is beautiful only when it is in balance. Right now, if I lose my balance in body, I will fall off this chair. Sitting is balance. Standing is definitely balance. Standing on these two legs and balancing is not a simple act; you have taken it for granted. When you were an infant and tried to stand up, you know what it took? You are doing it effortlessly right now. If the body goes little out of balance, then you will see, just to stand is such a feat. Don’t take this balance for granted.

Just like sitting and standing, walking is supreme balance. Just two feet! The way you are walking, do you know how much is involved just to keep you balanced when you walk? It is a big thing. If you lose balance in your thought, it is called insanity. If you lose balance in your emotion, the very juice of life, it becomes torture, both for yourself and for others. Your body, your thought, your emotion, your activity, everything is beautiful only when it is in balance.

So, how to bring balance into one’s life? What is the basis of this balance? Balance is such that even if you are on the battlefield, you are still balanced. If your inner balance is absolute, you can harness the external, your body, and your mind, to the highest possible level – and that is all a human being can do. When it comes to external situations, there is no such thing as perfect balance. Within myself, I may be absolutely balanced, but in activity, it is still a constant adjustment.

There is nobody on this planet who has balanced his outside activity perfectly. I may believe something is perfect, but somebody else says it is nonsense. Isn’t the same thing happening within the family? You think you got everything organized, you are hugely successful in your life, and the whole world is clapping. But your children stand up and say that you are no good.

So, external situations are always going to need an adjustment – constant calibration depending upon the needs of the situation in which we are placed. Balance will come only if you are physically, mentally, and emotionally balanced within. This will naturally find expression in your activity. It is not the activity that is balanced. If you can get the physical body and the mind to function at its highest potential, whatever you could do in this world, you will do to the best of your ability, depending upon the opportunity and the situation. That is all you can do.

Externally, how much activity and how we do the activity is not something you should decide. Activity should always be in line with the situation in which you exist and not be about you. But right now, most people are living here as if the activity is about them. This is simply because who you are has not been established. You are trying to establish it through your activity. You have heard them say, ‘I think, therefore I exist.’ Look at it, is your existence first or is your thought first? Because you exist you can think, isn’t it?

Once you get into this mode – because you think you exist, because you act you exist  – there is no question of knowing a moment of balance in your whole life. Such a thing is not possible. Outside things may be beautifully arranged, but inside is a big mess because you are going on in a completely different mode all the time, you are trying to handle life upside down.

So, when we say balance, what would be your idea of balance? Today, if the day goes off well, would you call that balance? For me, balance means – if I shut my door and sit down for four or five days, I won’t have a single thought in my mind. I am not trying not to think; if I want to think I have to think, otherwise nothing comes in my mind. I am just empty-headed, because not a single thought arises in my mind unless I think. That is not the case with everybody. They have not known a single moment of no thought in their life unless they were grabbed by something outside, isn’t it? It never happened by yourself simply because you are identified with something that you are not. The moment you are identified with something that you are not, thought is an endless process.

So if you want to get to this state, what do you have to do? Your mind has to take instructions from you, that is the most important thing. In many ways, it has been expressed – not just in India but all over the world. Even Jesus went to the extent of saying this, ‘If therefore thine eye be single, your body shall be filled with light.’ That is, in your physicality, there is always you and me. If you want to balance anything, there must be two, only then balancing becomes a necessity. If your experience of life has transcended the duality of who you are right now, if you transcend the limitations of the physical, something beyond the physical becomes a living reality and now you have a single eye. You have one eye; you are looking at everything the same way.

Now everything is in perfect balance. You don’t strive for balance anymore; existence is balance. It is only the physical reality which is fluctuating. Everything else is in perfect balance. It is only the physical, which is going up and down. Isn’t it so?

So, the most important thing in human life is that you transcend the limitations of the physical. You are the only creature on this planet who has come with that capability; all the other creatures are trapped in their physicality. You are capable of rising beyond the physicality but not going against your physicality. This is not about rejecting the body; it is about going a little deeper, not remaining on the surface. This is one thing that must happen to every human being.”

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Can world become more successful?

Tune into the news today, and it’s evident: the world is becoming an increasingly violent place. Globally, people are falling victim to wars and terrorism. At home mindless killings dominate the headlines. A significant portion of the world’s population spends their lives in deep fear, wondering how they will continue to survive in this climate of constant strife. Even with increased awareness about violence and efforts by organizations to bring peace to the world, the instances of violent behavior are at an all-time high. In fact, according to 2014 Global Peace Index, the world is continuing to become more violent. The report gives rise to several questions. How can this trend be reversed? And how can the world become a more peaceful place?

Writing on the Scholastic website, Dr. Bruce Perry points to the fact the not all humans are violent, and that there are certain conditions that contribute to violent behavior. Among these, he states, is the prevalence of hateful ideologies, which make people see others as different and as less human than them. Since violence is often related to hate, these beliefs drive the dehumanization of others and makes them a target for violence. Being detached from others too contributes to violent behavior. When we’re isolated from others, we care less about them and their welfare, writes Bruce. In addition to our relationship with others, being desensitized to death and killing also causes people to be insensitive toward others’ pain and sometimes even violent toward other people.

In order for humans to become less violent, they have to become more meditative. We urgently need to understand that today, we are not equipped with only fists and clubs anymore. We have gotten ourselves equipped with such absolutely destructive devices that today if you get angry, it is not about you killing your neighbor, you could be putting an end to the world. Once these kinds of technologies and capabilities have come into our hands, it is extremely important that the world turns meditative. If the quality of meditation does not enter this world, with the kind of technologies and destructive capabilities we have, we could cause great damage. When I say destructive, I am not talking only about the bomb.

Almost everything that we do today is destructive. The very car that we drive, the very factories that we run for our well-being are all destructive in that sense. In pursuit of our economic well-being, the volume of violence we have imposed on every other creature on this planet is unspeakable. Don’t think of violence as just killing another human being. Any destruction of life beyond the need for one’s survival is violence. If you look at it that way, today’s societies are enormously violent. Our very existence is violence.

Though there is an instinct of self-preservation in us which is a biological factor, of all the creatures on the planet, a human being has the capability to look beyond his instinct of self-preservation and express himself in the world, which is what is of utmost need right now.

Human beings have often displayed this. When the most horrible situations were happening, individual human beings stood up and expressed the beauty of what it means to be a human being. As a group, we can become an ugly force, but still the humanity in us beats. Certain individuals still stood up and expressed their humanity to show the world how beautiful a human being can be when he thinks beyond his own well-being.”

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How to handle dominant boss?

If you’re like most people, chances are you’ve dealt with a powerful boss. For some people the experience of being managed can be an unpleasant one, especially when they do not know how to properly deal with their manager or supervisor. A recent article in the Harvard Business Review states that one’s relationship with their boss is the most important factor contributing to work engagement, satisfaction and commitment. Furthermore, Forbes magazine reports that that 2 million Americans voluntarily quit their job each month, with a third of them reporting that their boss was the reason for leaving. It appears that your relationship with your supervisor is absolutely integral to succeeding and feeling satisfied at work.

“Someone has become your boss because he or she is in some way more qualified than you. You may believe that you are better than him, but he has gotten to that position because of some qualification, capability or influence – something has delivered him there. Even if he has gotten there by corruption, he is more capable at using corruption. One way or the other, as the social situations may be, he is more capable, which is why he has landed up there.

Just because he has landed up there and he is more capable does not mean he will do everything right. You do not do everything right either. No one in the world does everything right. Generally, he has landed there because he is supposed to do more things right than you do and he is supposed to have a better grasp of the situation than you.

A stenographer in the office can type very well but if the boss sits to type he may be a bad typist. The stenographer may think “That guy cannot even type properly, why is he my boss?” He is not your boss because he types better than you. He may not know a damn thing about typing. He is your boss because he knows many other things which you do not even know. The question of him being a boss has come with certain capability and an overall view.

Most of the time a boss need not be talented for anything in particular, but he has an overview of everything. He has a way of keeping people together and making things happen. You may be individually good but you may not be capable of holding things together. So if you are really good at organizing and doing things together, you will naturally rise in your life either in this organization or somewhere else. No one can stop you.

If you are in some position, instead of having a grouse about your boss, do your job so well that without you, your boss and your company cannot exist. Make yourself indispensable. With this indispensability, power will come. If you keep yourself busy complaining, you will not do your work because you think “This man is a fool, why should I work fully for him?” Now you are dispensable and the company can drop you or your boss can kick you out at any time. Work in such a way that without you he cannot exist. Become so useful that without you he cannot function. That is the way to grow. By complaining about someone you will not grow.

People who have reached the top did not grow by having a grouse against someone. They grew because they just did their best. We do our best, but my best and your best may not be on the same levels. We will grow according to our capabilities. If you are constantly looking at someone and comparing yourself, there will be someone above you wherever you go. It does not matter how big you become, there will still be someone above you. So you will always have a grouse and you will always think “That man is not as good as I am, why is he up there.” You will just always make yourself unhappy wherever you are.

You just do 100% of what you can do in that given situation, then you will become indispensable to the company, the boss and the whole situation. In this you grow. If you have more capability than him, naturally the company will make you the boss anyway.

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How to live without fear?

In our modern world, it’s easy to allow the forces of commercialism and materialism to control our lives and create fear within us. We worry about our ability to pay our bills, and that fear keeps us in jobs we don’t like and don’t find fulfilling. We fear our ability to change and take care of ourselves, leading us to stay trapped in relationships and situations that aren’t healthy or productive.

“Fear is simply because you are not living with life, you are living in your mind. Your fear is always about what is going to happen next. That means your fear is always about that which does not exist. If your fear is about the non-existent, it is hundred percent imaginary.”

When we allow fear about what the future may bring to color our current decisions, we compromise our ability to live fully in the present moment. We trade what enjoyment we could have for needless stress over situations that may never come to be – ultimately diminishing our personal growth and satisfaction, as well as our overall quality of life.

Explore your fears

If you’re feeling “stuck” in any part of your life, there’s a good chance that this sensation represents the manifestation of your fears – even if you aren’t aware of feeling fearful. But why are you creating this fear in the first place and how would you stop creating that? The fundamental reason why fear – whether it is those fears you are conscious of or the fear you are not even aware you carry – have arisen within you is because you do not know the beginning and the end. You think you are a small little human being. You believe yourself to be a limited entity that you are right now and that sense of limitation naturally creates overwhelming fear.

So how you would you drop these fears and insecurities? How would you get rid of them? Well, the good news is that you don’t have to leave your fears and insecurities, simply because they don’t exist. Yes, that’s right. They don’t exist; YOU just keep creating them unconsciously.

To minimize the impact of these fears, it is important to first understand what they are and where they’re coming from. Start by compiling a list of all the things you fear – no matter how large or small they may seem. Then, try to identify both your reasons for experiencing these fears and where exactly you feel they may lead you.

Remind yourself that you can’t control the future

As long as you identify yourself as a physical body – if the very experience of life is limited to your physical and mental faculties – fear and insecurity are inevitable. Of course, different people may be in different levels of fear and insecurity. If life is going well for you today and everything is smooth and easy, you might forget your insecurity. If tomorrow life gets harder and you face a challenging situation, you are reminded; but the fear is always there with you. Only when an individual begins experiencing life beyond the boundaries of the physical, only then can one be truly free of any sense of insecurity or fear.

Now that you’ve traced the edges of your fear, recognize how little control you have over external situations. Following the example above; while you can change your on-the-job performance, you cannot control market fluctuations that could put your company out of business, a bad boss who dislikes you for no apparent reason or any of the hundreds of other scenarios that could bring about the end result you fear.

What’s more, you have no way of knowing whether or not any of the situations you envision will ever actually come to pass! You are worrying about things that do not exist. And what’s worse, is you compromising your enjoyment of the time you do have right now out of the fear of future situations that are not likely to ever occur! Remind yourself of this whenever you feel stressed over the fears that we all inevitably allow into our minds.

Tune in to the present moment

The real cure for this, the solution to stop allowing your fear of the future to consume your current enjoyment of life is to tune into the present moment. There are dozens of different mechanisms for doing so, from adopting a meditative mindset to the daily practice of yoga. Truly, the way in which you train your mind to dismiss your fears in order to enjoy the present moment doesn’t matter – what matters is that you find some way to prevent these fears from eventually ruling your life.

Ask yourself: is it fear that dictates the decisions you take for your life, or is it your enjoyment of the current moment that helps guide your future? And if you lean more towards the former description, what measures can you implement to ensure that these baseless fears don’t control you?

In reality, being joyous takes absolutely no effort! In fact it is quite the opposite: creating worry needs efforts. If you would stop doing that, you would naturally be joyous. Just look at the way young children are; joy is natural to them. And it is so for every human being, because joy is not something that you do – it is a natural state of being.

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Ego is illusion

“Ego” is not something that you got because you did something well or because you became rich or beautiful or anything else. When you started kicking in your mother’s womb, the ego was born. The very first mistake of getting identified with your physical body means the ego was born. It is a defense mechanism. You got identified with this little body. This little organism has to survive in this vast existence, of which you have no perception to even know where it begins and where it ends. Just to survive, you have to project yourself like a big man. So the ego is born. It is a false reality you created just for the sake of survival.

So what is ego? It is like your shadow. The moment you have a physical body, you have a shadow. The shadow itself is neither good nor bad. If the sun is up there, you have a little shadow. If the sun is down there, you have a mile-long shadow. Whichever way the outside situation demands, that is the kind of shadow you have. That is also the kind of ego you should have.

To handle different kinds of situations in our lives, we need different kinds of identities. If you are fluid about it, if you can change from one to another gracefully, then you can play your role to the hilt and still have no problem with it. But right now, the problem is, you get so identified with it, you start believing you are that. Once you believe “I am the shadow,” what would you do? You would naturally crawl upon the earth. If you crawl upon the earth, how will life be? If we carpet the floor, you will crawl in comfort, not in joy. Suppose stones and rocks and thorns came? Then you will cry. That is how your life is going on right now. If the outside situation is carpeted, you will crawl in comfort. If little thorns come, you will cry because you are crawling upon the earth.

Right now, your whole experience of life is limited to the physical. Everything that you know through your five sense perceptions is physical. The physical has no purpose of its own; it is there only as a peel to the fruit. The peel means something only as a protective layer to the fruit. This body is important because there is something else inside. You have never experienced that something else. If that something else goes away tomorrow morning, nobody would want to touch this body, which would have become a corpse. So today, when it is there, we have to take care of it.

If we do not transcend the limitations of the physical, if we do not transcend the limited existence of the physical, then life will only be a struggle. If situations go well, you are very confident. If situations do not go well, you are diffident. And you always know, whatever situations are going well, any moment, things can go wrong. It is not even a question of going wrong. Life can just take any course any moment. Things can happen in a way that you do not like, any moment.

If everything in the world is going dead wrong for you, and you can still go through this life untouched, peacefully and joyfully within yourself, then you know life the way it is. Otherwise you are just a slave of the physical.

Today, there is too much unnecessary talk going on in the world about destroying the ego. This has been picked up from the scriptures. Whenever your personality turns ugly, you call it ego. This is just one more way of passing the buck. When your personality turns ugly, you must just see it as you. If you see “I am ugly,” you will want to do something about it. You would not want to be that way anymore.

But we have evolved so many strategies just to avoid this possibility. At a certain moment, whether you are beautiful or ugly, it is you, isn’t it? Keep it that way. Don’t create things which are not there – your ego, your soul, or something else. The moment you create things like “What is beautiful is my soul, what is ugly is my ego,” no transformation will be possible. If you see: “Whatever nonsense I am, that which is beautiful and that which is ugly in me are both me,” then, what is ugly will naturally start changing – you will have to transform, you can’t help it.

Today in the world, we need to bring about simple sense – life sense. Right now, people only have ego sense, they have no life sense. They are ego-sensitive, not life-sensitive. When you are like this, you only see yourself as life, no one else is life. You can trample upon anything and anyone. But if you are life-sensitive, everything is life in your experience, so you naturally behave very sensibly with every other life around you. The ego will no longer be a problem if you become life-sensitive.

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What is true love?

Everyone wants to love and be loved.  But, ideally, what does that mean?  Why do so many relationships crash and burn or at best, partners ride a bumpy road together?  The desire to be approved of, win people over or be with someone deemed special is ingrained in most societies.  We are raised to believe that it is essential to be loved and be in love, but rarely are we sure how to accomplish this.

Love is a major topic of literature, especially in poems and movies.  Love is also captured in many a song such as the Beatles 1967 hit: “All you need is love… Love is all you need.”  Countless scenarios abound in these tales, including heartbreak, intense longing, as well as both fulfillment and sorrow.  We often set up ideals, many similar to those portrayed in the various media produced by our cultures, and when these expectations are not met, confusion and frustration follow.

People think When you talk about love, it has to be unconditional. There is really no such thing as conditional love and unconditional love. It is just that there are conditions and there is love. The moment there is a condition, it just amounts to a transaction. Maybe a convenient transaction, maybe a good arrangement – maybe many people made excellent arrangements in life – but that will not fulfill you; that will not transport you to another dimension. It is just convenient.

When you say “love,” it need not necessarily be convenient; most of the time it is not. It takes life. Love is not a great thing to do, because it eats you up. If you have to be in love, you should not be. You as a person must be willing to fall, only then it can happen. If your personality is kept strong in the process, it is just a convenient situation, that’s all. We need to recognize what is a transaction and what is truly a love affair. A love affair need not be with any particular person; you could be having a great love affair, not with anybody in particular, but with life.

What you do, what you do not do, is according to circumstances around you. Our actions are as the external situation demands. What you do outside of yourself is always subject to many conditions. But love is an inner state – how you are within yourself can definitely be unconditional.

Make love your quality

If you are life, it is very natural to love. Every human being is capable of love but unfortunately, many have crippled themselves with all kinds of belief systems, opinions, philosophies, ideologies – everything except life.

Love is not imported from heaven

People either profess to love God or believe God loves them. The assumption is that love is a quality that needs to be imported from Heaven. But does anyone really know whether God loves or not? We bow down to whoever created this grand creation – a creation that boggles the mind. We bow down to the creator, but you don’t know whether he is love or joy or peace.

Love is a human emotion

Human beings are capable of love when they are willing. Unfortunately, we want to export everything that is beautiful in our life to heaven and live wantonly on this planet. Love, joy, blissfulness – these are human possibilities.

A simple process

Love is not something to do with someone else. Love is never between two people. It is what happens within you, and what happens within you need not be enslaved to someone else. For 15 to 20 minutes daily, go sit with something that means nothing to you – maybe a tree, or a pebble, or a worm or an insect. After some time, you will find you can look upon it with as much love as you do your wife or husband or your mother or your child. Maybe the worm does not know this. That doesn’t matter. If you can look at everything lovingly, the whole world becomes beautiful in your experience. You realize love is not something that you do; love is the way you are.